Onze sok

Our sock

Our first sock was launched in 2010 but has gone through a number of innovative changes in the past years which has resulted in an entirely different sock. By listening to our clients, we have designed the sock in such a way that it offers optimum comfort and discharges moisture at the same time.  

We use several materials for our sock, such as 100% cotton, polyamide and elastane. This mixture of different materials creates the perfect sock. Due to the cotton footbed, moisture can easily be discharged which means your feet will never be too hot or too cold again. Polyamide and elastane are used in the heel of the sock to provide an additionally narrow fit. Because of the elastane, the sock really feels like a second skin. This material provides elasticity which ensures the sock to offer high-quality comfort.  

This sock is produced specifically for riders who are always striving for the highest achievable result. By means of innovation we always try to enrich our socks with the latest materials matching our mission and vision. By merging the highest level of quality with attractive prices and excellent service, we ensure the best products.